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Everything you need from SEO, Press, Social Validation, Lead Generation, Ad Campaigns, Growth Hacking & More!

Fuel Your Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Image, & Social Media to Reach Out and Touch your World! The Eyefuel PR Secret Sauce combines creative juices with spot on calculations… our recipe for success!

Know how important a robust web presence is? Understand that social media marketing could improve or unlock your next revenue stream?  Need real SEO strategy but don’t know where to start? Too busy to focus the time and energy needed to capture, grow and maintain your niche audiences?  

Eyefuel PR makes Public Relations, Press Writing & Distribution, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing  & Paid Ads such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and easier for busy coaches, consultants, service providers, business owners, agencies, influencers, personal users and basically anyone who’s seeking real, active, niche-targeted Followers & highly qualified Sales Leads.

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Eyefuel PR Digital Marketing Services 

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Clubhouse Club Follower Packages
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On Platform Ad Campaigns

Ad Campaigns across numerous platforms.  Drive targeted traffic with dynamic campaigns.

Instagram Verification

Get Verified with the Blue Check to let your audience know you’re the truth! Facebook too.

Public Relations & Brand Image

Article writing, press placement, & public relations to get your brand image where it should be! 

IG Secret Giveaways

Let us have major influencers push followers to your account in exchange for some awesome incentives!

IG Shout Out Growth

Guaranteed niche targeted followers from Large Accounts Shouting You Out!

IG Loop Followers

Get Followers on IG from powerful curated loop networks!

Celebrity Giveaways

Participate in Eyefuel Curated Giveaways on TikTok and Instagram.  See the influencers the dates and the account demographics.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads that convert! Real targeting, split testing, & pixel remarketing to drive leads, sales, & revenue!

Search Engine Optimization

Intent to buy starts with a search… so let’s make sure they find you first! Rank on Search Engines. Organically Increase your Sales. 

Power Likes

Leverage the power of Instagram’s Algorithm and make your awesome content go viral every day!

Power Comments

Trend on Instagram’s Explore Page, bringing more eyes to your profile when Eyefuel PR increases activity related to your posts!

Power Saves

Power Saves put your post into saved categories by major accounts on Instagram, powering you to the explore page!

Power Views

Power Views, Power You and your brand to the next level of virality within the audience you desire!

Power Content

Fuel your content’s virality status with Eyefuel PR’s Power Content service! We’ll make sure your content is fire, and post it too!

Account Management

Content Creation, Auto Posting & more! Eyefuel PR saves time for agencies, brands, businesses, coaches, consultants, influencers, musicians, & personal users!

Social Media Branding Kits

Let Eyefuel PR provide the Visual Fuel, ie. Icons, Logos, Banners, powerful color schemes, and imagery to promote your brand online!

Press Release Writing & Distribution

Curated Press with over 200+ Direct Placement Opportunities.  Tell your story now!

Spotify Playlist Placement

Get your music placed in high-quality demographically targeted Spotify playlists full of real listeners who might actually like your music. 

Product Photography & Videography

Capture your brand the way you want the world would see it through captivating content!

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